A. What do you include in the My Portable Garden™ Kit? 

A great value, shipped to your door!!

Price these required components to see what you would pay if you bought these items yourself.

  • USDA approved five or seven-gallon container with Constant Feed™ "wicking" water reservoir, water level gauge, and pipe cover.
  • Enriched soil (garden-safe soil, peat moss, compost, starter fertilizer, lime, and Epson salt).
  • Mulch
  • Two fertilizer types
  • 2 - 5 foot "Go As Your Grow™" Stakes (adjustable & made of natural, untreated wood)
  • Two types of clips and plant ties
  • Pruning shears (stainless steel)
  • Gallon water jug (USDA approved) and funnel
  • 16" water overflow catch tray
  • A My Portable Garden(TM) Container Placement and Setup Guide 
  • Seven monthly Helpful Hints Reminders on proper care

B. Do you also offer an organic My Portable Garden?

Yes, we do.

We also offer organic and non-organic vegetable plant seedlings for your convenience if you don't want to shop locally.

C. Select which vegetables to grow?

Seedlings should be at least 6 inches high and should NOT have blooms on them when you plant them. If you want to start your own plants from seed, allow for an extra 8 weeks of growing time.

    1. What vegetable plants are best to grow in My Portable Garden?

       Mid Spring through late Summer

Try one tomato plant or two pepper plants or two eggplants, and assorted herbs. Have fun and experiment with more. You may wish to experiment with growing cucumbers and squash, such as zucchini. Just be sure you have enough space around My Portable Garden™ vertically and horizontally to support these large vine vegetable plants.

       Early Spring & Late summer (until the first Fall frost)

Try two kale plants or two spinach plants or two lettuce plants or two pea plants or assorted herbs.

    2. Do I need to "harden off" my plant?

Yes. Hardening off acclimates your plant to the outdoors.

Not hardening off is a common mistake for inexperienced gardeners. Vegetable plants may go into shock from chilly temperatures or can even get sunburned.

It's not complicated to "harden off," but it is essential. Proper hardening off is explained in the My Portable Garden™ Container Placement & Setup Guide.

    3. How long do my vegetable plants produce?

Most vegetable seedlings, after about 16 weeks, start to show their age. They begin to wither, regardless of the amount of water and fertilizer. Our My Portable Garden™ Guide and FREE Helpful Hints Reminders will help you develop a greener thumb to maximize your vegetable plant production!

D. Setup 

The Organic and Non-Organic My Portable Garden™ setup is the same. The only difference is the type of soil and fertilizer you use. Your seedling should have been started as organic.

    1. Is My Portable Garden ™ easy to assemble?

It is easy. There are nine short, one minute or so videos on our mobile and website. We will also enclose a sheet with the assembly information. You should be ready to plant in about 10 minutes.

   2. When should I place My Portable Garden™ outside?

My Portable Garden™ gives you the benefit of early warm spring days. When your plant is small, you can move it outside if the temperature is 45 degrees or above. Just bring it inside if the temperature goes below 45 degrees.

You will need at least 6 hours of sunlight to grow a vegetable plant.

Our Planting & Ongoing Care information will explain how to "harden off" your vegetable plant before you permanently place it outside.

    3. Where do I place My Portable Garden?

NEVER hang My Portable Garden™. It is not safe. The handle is only used to move My Portable Garden™. My Portable Garden™ should be at least 12 inches away from the ledge or rail. Your plant's branches should NEVER overhang from the deck and balconies. Secure My Portable Garden™

and plant on windy days. Be sure to use the water catch pan provided to protect underlying surfaces.

    4. Growing my own vegetables in the city sounds great! Can I put My Portable Garden™ on my terrace?

It is best to check with your Homeowners Association. We do include a water catch pan to place under My Portable Garden™. My Portable Garden™ should be at least 12 inches away from the ledge or rail. Your plant's branches should NEVER overhang from the deck and balconies. Be sure to secure My Portable Garden™ and plant on windy days. Be sure to use the water catch pan provided to protect underlying surfaces.

    5. Why is My Portable Garden™ in a five or seven-gallon container? 

Tomato plants develop extensive rooting systems. The seven gallon My Portable Garden™ gives you 40% more root development space. However, you can certainly use the five-gallon container for any vegetable plant.

    6. Is the self-watering "wicking" system unique to My Portable Garden?

My Portable Garden™ has a ConstantFeed™ self-watering system, and the reservoir should always be filled with water and fertilizer. The My Portable Garden™ Placement and Setup Guide will explain how easy it is to use.

Di Vinci explained the wicking concept centuries ago. "Wicking" or self-watering gardening containers were introduced in 1997 by Colin Austin, an Australian aquatic engineer who founded Waterright Group for more efficient use of water as a precious resource. So, it is not unique, but it is effective! We have created a patent-pending water gauge so you can see when it is time to add water.

     7. What are the "Go As You Grow" stakes?

There are two stake sets included. Each set has four, sixteen inch sections and screws. When connected, each stake will reach over 5 feet high.

They are made of natural, untreated wood. We add "Butcher Block" food safe quality shellac on the bottom piece that goes into the soil. We want to safely protect you from paint and plastic leaching into the soil that other stakes may be treated with. This also protects the wood from water rot.

As your plant grows, screw and tighten a new section on to the top section and adjust it so it closely follows the way your plant is naturally growing. Cut a pice of the tie and loosely attach your plant to the tie and then to the stake.  

There is a patent pending on this staking system.

E. Maintenance

I don't have a green thumb. How will I know how to use My Portable Garden?

You will receive the My Portable Garden™ User Guide as well as 7 FREE Helpful Hints Reminders on how to care for your vegetable plant.

F. Support

    1. What are these Helpful Hints Reminders?

We provide easy to follow Helpful Hints on how to care for your vegetable plant.

Timely suggestions on fertilizing, staking, clipping, and pruning your vegetable plants will help you become a real gardening pro!

    2. Can I use My Portable Garden™ each year?

Yes. The significant difference between "directly in the ground" and "container" gardening is that container gardens need constant fertilizers and nutrients for each growing season as the fertilizers and nutrients are washed out of the container. 

You can order replacement soil and other supplies on our website.

    3. What do I do with the vegetable plant and soil at the end of the growing season?

Remove the old vegetable plant with roots and dispose of it with your regular trash.

We recommend you empty the My Portable Garden™ soil anyplace outside where more soil is welcome. Rinse the container out and store it until the next growing season.

Order the My Portable Garden™ Replacement Kit early for next season.